Annual 20% profit for luxury Golf Villas

Annual 20% profit for luxury Golf Villas

Annual 20% profit for luxury Golf Villas

The Benefits of owning golf course villa

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the tendency to own greenery and spacious resort spaces, such as golf courses villas, is getting stronger and stronger.

The villas and townhouses on these golf courses have superior value compared to other property products because they are green, airy, and located in a very modern ecosystem.

According to new statistics from the Global Golf Development and Management Agency Royal & Ancient (R&A) and international data from the National Golf Foundation, Vietnam currently has more than 80 golf courses that have been put into operation and more than 40 others under construction. This number is many times higher than in 2015. In addition, the statistics also show the growth rate of demand for townhouses and villas golf course owners in Vietnam.

More than 10 years ago, the revenue of the golf industry was only around 50 million USD, but that number has now exceeded 1 billion USD and will continue to grow strongly in the coming years. According to incomplete statistics, Vietnam currently has over 70,000 golfers and uses golf-related services.

Besides, Vietnam is consistently rated as the best golf destination in Asia and highly ranked in the world. This will be a potential market for golf course development, and especially for golf course property, which is becoming increasingly sought after.

Annual 20% profit for luxury Golf Villas

Golf villas and townhouses benefit from the great potential of the “aristocratic” sport. In Vietnam recently, golf property has become a sought-after investment channel. Unlike any other type of resort property, golf course property offers numerous benefits, such as a first-rate ecosystem and ample green space to help satisfy the entertainment needs of golfers, and is a place to enhance your life.

Investors choose to buy villas, townhouses contiguous to the golf course as a second home. They are not only used as a place where families can spend time on weekends, but also provide profits through rental or business. Meanwhile, the value of properties keeps rising from 15 to 30% per year, depending on projects and locations.

Because of the advantages only found in golf property, golf course villas and townhouses on the market are always in a state of shortage, especially those located near the downtowns.

20% profit from golf course villas and townhouses

In countries around the world, golf resort properties are selling for 10-15% higher than other high-end resort properties. Projects near metropolitan areas even cost more, from 20 to 35%.

In the UK, a golf course villa or townhouse costs twice as much as a standard resort villa. Golf villas around the world cost tens of millions of USD, but they are still in short supply due to the needs of the elite and wealthy who are still looking for properties, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is an ideal place for families to settle down and work, to avoid disease.

In Vietnam, according to a survey, the price of a golf course villa ranges from 15 to 25 billion VND. In addition, there are very few investors with enough financial potential and large land funds to develop golf course property. That makes this type of property increasingly rare. As a result, the value of golf course villas is expected to grow by an average of 20% per year.

Green Center overview

The Green Center project is located in the heart of the West Lake Golf Course at 145 DT822 Street, Tan My, Duc Hoa, Long An, only 45-minutes away from HCMC. There are villas and high-class townhouses with modern utilities. Greenery covers over 90% of the area, and the building density is just over 5%. The Green Center is the dream home of many people.

Annual 20% profit for luxury Golf Villas

Saigon West Golf Eco Village – Green Center offers ONLY 181 properties at extremely attractive prices. Shophouses and townhouses with an area of 5 x 15 m and 5 x 22 m2 have been launched on the market, with prices starting at 3.6 billion VND/unit. And 10 × 20 m2 villas are introduced at only 6.6 billion VND/unit. Green Center Long An is developed by C.S.Q Land, with architectural design by Finko Architects, Central Construction General Contractor, and DKRS in cooperation with marketing and distribution by ESY HOUSE.

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